Crime Master Gogo

Crime Master

Crime Master
Crime Master Gogo

Prone to ambush well-meaning folks, jumping with shrill glee from low-hanging tree branches, revolver in hand, threatening to make a game of marbles of victim eyeballs, the criminal attitude of Gogo must be superhuman. Atleast it seems to be, to himself. For, those who know him fear him enough to often call him Goga and even, in some jolly instances, Gogi! But super-hero costume aside, he takes every opportunity to clarify his stand on family values, displaying great pride in being a bandit by caste and being nephew to the illustrious Mogambo.
Being fundamentally just another brigand trying to make a living by organising his surroundings, Gogo will non-chalantly make off with almost anything that comes his way, scooters, bicycles and even clothes included. In a surrounding rife with pairs and twins, he bravely carries only one bullet in his revolver, breaking into a jig if that too doesn’t hit its intended target (which is himself, sometimes). When shorn of his advantages, Gogo lets loose kung-fu skills wherein he seems to focus all his latent energy on one plan, escaping! Having originally set out with the humble ambition of recovering his investment of 36 k INR, he comes by to setting up hostage situations in the movie, at which he had not yet gained full mastery; as a result, this quirky crime master is presently cooling his heels in jail, until next unleashed upon the world.

Where – Andaz Apna Apna
When – a slapstick movie released in 1994
Who – Shakti Kapoor as Crime Master Gogo ;


2 thoughts on “Crime Master Gogo

    • thanks much, shirtmogul, i’m in viet nam right now, and i’m thinking that ‘drawing the world’ would be good fun. will call once i get back else email me ( or call (+91.9769.186.310)…ciao!

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