Tinu Anand – The Silent Killer

Tinu Anand as mercenary in Pushpak

Silent, neat, deadly in intent and almost as good at his trade as any, this mercenary clearly stands for all the values one wishes to pass onto the next generation, except for his profession. Sneaking in and out with creditable self-respect throughout the movie, he can be likened to his weapon of choice – daggers cast of ice, leaving no traces. The male lead, who unwittingly becomes the killer’s target, eventually lives to mime out his tale to the end but only due to the script-writer’s wishes, he would like you to think. Clearly born with a talent for blending into backgrounds, an indispensable tool in such an employment, his stylish all-black attire on white tie and white shoes stands out starkly against the often all-white color schemes of the hotel in which the drama unfolds. That is not counting the Playboy shades worn at all times indoors and outdoors, besides the most professional attachment to a cylindrical icebox.
Donning a bath-robe, preffered here to the usual formal attire for the freedom it induces to things thought ,as we know, he practises hard on mock-ups in the confines of his room. He monitors his target with silent perseverance but prefers not to get drawn into the frivolous anecdotes unfolding on the side, and backs down only when the original target’s wife slaps him soundly, convinced of her folly and persuades her lover to withdraw the services of this crafty terminator.
Where – Pushpak Vimana,
When – a silent movie based in Bangalore released in 1988, directed by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao, written by Kamal Haasan
Who – Tinu Anand as the Silent Killer;


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