Tempo Dada

The pocket dada of the Golden Gang arrives at the local market naka as he should, in typical bombaiyya istyle in a sidecar of a Bullet, stepping out in spotless all-white surrounded by his sundry cronies. Now, white isn’t a color easy to maintain in the muggy dash of bombay, in both the moral and material sense. Such is the aura of tempo dada and he clearly is beyond the need to show petty dadagiri. And this is how it remains, he going about benevolently enquiring after the problems of the populace whilst his chamchas go about collecting hafta.
Until he decides to stride to a particular chawl that is, where news is someone has been not very forthcoming in displaying conformity. Smelling an opportunity to add a highlight to the day, the public follows at a respectable distance. Coming across a foul-mouthed, indomitable Koli tun-tun, dada against the good advice of his chamcha, engages in a tapori verbal match to try and wring her defaulter husband out of her kholi. She being no shy mountain of a fisherwoman in a sari, tends to get better of the verbal duel and the crowd soon starts rippling with open appreciation. Dada resorts to clicking open his feared rampuri to bring the crowd to order, but his gallant escape strategy of not raising a hand on women soon runs into troubled water, with the woman coming down the steps to thrash him with her broom. Dada can do very little but threaten at every swing of the broom, and is seen eventually running helter skelter from the naka.

Who : Johnny Lever as Tempo Dada
Where : As ‘bhai’ or dada in Narasinha (1991)


5 thoughts on “Tempo Dada

  1. Hi there, I really loved your work, would like to call you to our institute sometime, is it possible? It is fun to share knowledge and skills with young students….Shirish

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