Jimmy Devasia

there’s much one can do; all one can aim for is better expression.


28 thoughts on “Jimmy Devasia

  1. Hey Hi!!
    This is Sheetal, is that all ur work …its so amazing..Simply superb.
    It was G8t meeting you.
    Should catch up when ur around Goa.


  2. aarey boss….had i known this …i would have taken ur autograph and few of ur scribblings…..10 years hence would have made a fortune for myself,auctioning those sketches :))….fantastic stuff…we all have seen this before ,but when everything is put in this fashion,…..it looks amazing….way to go

  3. Hi Jimmy,

    I, too, have an original painting of yours! So, on my way to be a millionaire in near future. 🙂

    It is of a scene in Leh. I wonder if you remember it. There was another caricature of north-eastern couple with a child behind their back, which you said was portraiture and not caricature because they actually looked like that!


    1. Hi Super, if you have 2, then it’s more like a billionaire ;>
      i’d forgotten both but remember the Bhutan scene now (not Leh), especially since you sent a scan of it some time back! As a matter of fact, i’ll upload the scan! the other one, i do not remember the visual but remember thinking about the idea…

      1. the bhutan one, since i’d forgotten that i could do watercolors too, and this one came out of the blue to refresh that (not that i’ve ever done another watercolor!:>)

  4. Hi Jimmy

    It is nice to see the scan up here, as the original is back in Delhi at my parents’ place. I didn’t remember about the scan. Welcome back to watercolours. The other one got destroyed, so I straightaway loose half a billion! It was poster colour on a brown handmade paper, about A3 size in portrait format.

    1. thanks Gomy, arey this fixing scene had put me off cricket about 10 years ago…the extent of mismanagement by BCCI is just too disgusting and plain insulting to folks like us. Maybe i’ll try and cartoon something as you say!

  5. Hi my name is Michael van den Winkel I’m from Amsterdam but live in Toronto Canada. I came accros one of your drawing of “the wallen”
    I want to ask you if you sell these drawings in a digital form.
    I would love to have it printed on a vinyl and put on a window in my modern Dutch food bar that I have in toronto.
    Let me know if that possible and what the price would be.
    I need to blow up the picture to roughly a 2’x4′ size.
    Thanks in advance
    Michael van den Winkel

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